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8D process perfection & innovations made easy

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The word “kanpeki” is well-known in Japanese and means perfection and completeness! It reflects the way we are doing our business, so that is the way we want for your company!

In our vocabulary, KANPEKI software is defined as a shortcut to perfection. It is based on the best problem solving methodology (8D) mostly used worldwide by quality management professionals.

The 8D process is a problem solving method for product and process improvement. 8D is short for eight disciplines which originated from the Ford TOPS (Team Oriented Problem Solving) program, first published approximately 1987. The strength of the 8D process lies in its structure and discipline. 8D uses a composite methodology, utilizing best practices from various existing approaches.

The 8 basic steps are:

  • Establish a team
  • Describe the problem
  • Develop interim containment
  • Define and verify root cause
  • Choose permanent corrective action
  • Implement corrective action
  • Prevent recurrence
  • Recognize and reward the contributors

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