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Do more with your coworking space

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Astal software allows you to fully manage your space, such as control bookings, communicate with users, keep track of finance, generate reports and many more.

  • Booking. List and calendar view allows your users to easily book and share their booking. Every room has its features, so as photos. Hours are automatically allocated from the contract, or record on usage. Meeting and conference rooms policy can be changed within the platform. Maximize meeting rooms usage with public bookings.
  • Community. Allow users to interact with you and other members through posts, and direct messaging. Resolve issues on locations with Report an issue feature.
  • Finance. Keep track of costs and incomes, so as fully automated bill run for an unlimited number of clients. Keep track of payments.
  • Sales. Our interactive floor plan helps you while presenting available offices to leads and future members. Also, Smart search helps you by providing information on which space will be available soon.
  • Reports. Fully customizable to your needs. We have all the tools and information your business needs to make better decisions, and understand your business. Visualize the KPIs that are important to your business. Integrate with BI solutions. Forecast PNL and others.
  • Integrations. Astal Platform can easily be connected to your services: WiFi, Printing, Door Access, Accounting, Payments, etc.
  • Mobile app. iOS and Android applications, to help your members manage their needs quicker.
  • Quick setup. Setup the platform in no time. Incrementally add spaces, locations and members or import them with our wizard.

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