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Project Management


As we’ve already discovered, building software is not as easy as it seems. The process of creating the project includes various complex operations and multiple interactions between many people. Building custom software is complex by its nature, and there’s no wonder that it involves a lot of communication between the team and the customer.

The team for your project will mainly consist of:

  • an account manager, who is responsible for business management and customer relations
  • a project manager who coordinates the entire project
  • a designer
  • a frontend developer
  • a backend developer
  • a quality assurance tester who oversees the code and tests it for bugs

For each project we're working on, there is a following communication process: One communication channel. We understand how crucial is time for our customer. Here in 4bees we believe clear and simple ways of interaction boost productivity and help avoid misunderstandings amid the team and the customer. That’s why we do not support slow and outdated modes of communication, such as email conversations. For your comfort, we are using Slack - team’s chat application, that is easy to use, integrates with project management systems, and gives you complete visibility into all the communication within the project.

Usually, we create a Zoom channel for transparent and effective communication between the members of your and our team. In this chat room, the users can collaborate, discuss various project details, and ask for advice. The clarity and transparency we gain through such communication channel make the entire working process faster and easier for both parties.

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