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Despite the common opinion, the launch is not where everybody says goodbye and enjoys the process. As every complex system, custom software requires constant overview and maintenance. It will need technical and strategic updates, as your customer demands will change with time.

For excellent operating, the software needs adjustments and administration. The basic level of maintenance involves: Error monitoring and bug fixing: Regardless of how good the code is, and how many times the app was tested, in the real world things are different. Essentially, the more users start utilizing the software, the more errors can be uncovered and corrected. To find and fix bugs, we use BugSnag, and New Relic and Skylight - for performance overview.

Dependency management: Applications and software are often connected with different additional systems, like API’s (Application Program Interfaces), that are used for payment solutions, running social media accounts and for integrating data sources. The apps and software are also often built with the help of open source frameworks like Ruby on Rails, React.js, Vue.js, Svelte, Bootstrap, etc.

This means that your app will not function autonomously, as the additional tools will require updates as well.

Performance optimization: Once the app is launched, the number of users will constantly grow, impacting the performance of the app. That’s why performance overview and optimization are essential.

Security: Cyber attacks and ransomware are still a common problem in a digital world, and hackers are discovering new ways to disrupt web applications. Security is extremely important, and we provide security monitoring and maintenance agreements, adjusted to the type of your application.